Registration for Growth Track

In Growth Track 101, we will discuss the North Heights vision: Led by the Holy Spirit, North Heights engages all people to find faith in Jesus, discover their God-given purpose, and equips them to lead lives of eternal significance.

Find faith – Have you ever wondered what it means to know Jesus and be known by Him? We will talk about the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus.

The Holy Spirit – Who is the Holy Spirit and what are the gifts of the Holy Spirit? You will learn about the Holy Spirt, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how we live these out every day. 

Discover Purpose – Have you ever wondered why you are here? This class will help you see how God has made you unique for a specific purpose. 

Live eternal significance – Find out how you can make an eternal difference in your everyday life and through the ways you serve others.

This is a once a month class for 4 months (January 24, February 28, March 21 & April 18).

**You only need to register if you have not registered for a previous Growth Track session this winter.

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